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While technology has long been proliferating educational institutions of all types for over two decades, a rapid paradigm shift took place as technology became the backbone of nearly two years of remote-based learning from early education through post-secondary studies. Classrooms now embrace technology as a key to learning, and educational institutions have implemented software deep into their internal operations to reduce administrative tasks and direct resources to their students.

EdTech can be split into two key segments: student-facing solutions to drive curriculum engagement and administrative tools to manage all aspects of operating an educational facility, whether a Pre-K learning center or a flagship university. Nearly all schools have adopted some form of Learning Management System (LMS) used daily by students to complete lessons and assignments, and this information must then be ported into a Student Information System (SIS) to give full operational visibility into an organization. The largest players in each of these markets have growth through strategic acquisitions of innovative point solutions offering new capabilities for students, instructors and parents, all for the mutual benefit of learners and administrators alike. An additional universe of innovation exists in managing schools and campuses, where adoption has been hastened through a national focus on school safety and student well-being.

Shea & Company advised leading K-12 and Higher Education safety provider Rave Mobile Safety on its sale to Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) in December 2022, and we continue to track a number of fast-growing companies of all sizes across record levels of capital raising and M&A activity within EdTech. Beyond transaction activity, we are continually refining our knowledge and perspective on the space through market map publications and strategic discussions with key players.

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