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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) sector has evolved rapidly in recent years following several global paradigm shifts; the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated several near-term market trends, including notably the adoption of SCM solutions down-market and globally as well as the expansion of multi-modal logistics solutions; in the long term, predictive analytics will become increasingly critical to facilitate more efficient just-in-time supply chains across the full logistics ecosystem.

The SCM market has benefited from significant inflows of investment capital, spanning both private growth capital investments as well as M&A activity from incumbent providers. Given the market is subject to rapidly changing technology paradigms, market share continues to be up for grabs as expansion by new entrants with cloud-first, point solutions drives this modernization. In particular, we’ve seen recent trends result in a notable increase in interest in preventative, forward-looking capabilities, such as procure-to-pay, visibility and demand planning.

Shea & Company has advised on a number of marquee SCM transactions, advising across sell-side, buy-side and capital raising mandates in both the United States as well as internationally. Beyond transaction work, we are committed to thought leadership in the space as we continue to update our market landscape and provide insights into key trends unfolding across the market.

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