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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions are used by organizations to structure corporate governance, manage business risk and drive compliance with regulations. We have segmented the market in our report based on these organizational goals: (i) Risk Management and (ii) Regulation & Compliance Management. The former focuses on mitigating business risks for the purpose of protecting revenue, reputation and brand, and the latter working to reduce noncompliance, regulatory infractions and HR-related incidents.

GRC solutions have historically been viewed as tactical solutions purchased primarily to drive regulatory compliance. Traditional GRC tools were focused on helping compliance teams and business users execute their specific tasks. These solutions were built separately without common data warehouses, creating silos that inhibited cross-department collaboration, real-time reporting for C-suite members and incident management for business disruption.

COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, increased cyber-attacks and other macro factors have highlighted the critical need for a proactive approach to risk management at all levels of the organization – most recently at the C-suite and board level. This reprioritization has resulted in (i) a redistribution of risk management, (ii) risk programs for operational use-cases, (iii) robust and agile compliance management and (iv) a heightened need for a central data repository to enable cross-functional collaboration.

Shea & Company has advised on several landmark Governance, Risk & Compliance transactions in the mid-market, advising on more than $2 billion in transaction value in the last year across sell-side and capital raising mandates. Our experience spans a range of transaction profiles across business continuity & operational resilience, enterprise legal risk, policy & training and digital risk, among others.

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